GoalQuest Advisors

GoalQuest is a small, highly-personalized financial advisory and investment management firm in Pennsylvania. I had been creating fine artwork for annual holiday cards for the company since 2017, and in 2022 they engaged me to redevelop their brand identity and brand messaging. I renamed the company from “GoalQueste, LLC” to “GoalQuest Advisors, LLC,” developed and trademarked the tagline “Speaking Truth to Wealth,” and acquired the URL goalquestadvisors.com. In addition to the rebranding effort, the firm commissioned me to create fine art for their office lobby and conference room.


Brand Identity, before and after:

Audit of existing business collateral:

Final rebrand concept presentation:

Printed business collateral:

Media folder:

Website studies:


Visuals that greet clients upon entering offices:

Lobby signage, original sketch:

Premium gift to clients: